Saturday, February 18, 2012

   Well we made it!  I will start off by saying 'Thank You' for all of your prayers.  We had a rather uneventful day traveling and are now getting ready to settle in for the night.
   We met this morning at my house to load up our van and head to the airport, via Corey, our driver.  We had no problem checking in and getting ready for our journey.
    For those of you who know me and that have been praying for me on this trip, I will report that my first flights without medication went well.  Barrett did a great job of talking me through take off and taking my mind off of it.  There was quite a bit of turbulence on the flight to Dallas, and other than almost grabbing the strangers hand to my right once or twice, I think I handled it pretty well.  :)  We did have a close connection heading to Guatemala City, but we made it in time.  Everyone made it through customs okay and all of our bags arrived with us safely. 
   Anna and I decided we had to take a picture of Barrett with his luggage train to share.  However, I believe it is funnier to see in person.  It really is funny to watch.
  Gloria, Josue and Julia met us at the airport and made sure we got to the hotel.  We were able to spend a little time with Gloria and Julia visiting while we waited for dinner, but they had other commitments and soon it was the four of us again. 
   We ended the day the same way we started, with coffee, smiles and prayer. 
   Tomorrow we will shop for the family and purchase more school supplies for the kids.  Then travel to the villages.  I am excited to be back in my second home and take in all the sights and smells that are familiar to me.  However, I also have the pleasure of experiencing things through the eyes of those who are here for the first time.  I am very excited to share this journey with Anna and Jason, to get a different perspective, and I am also humbled to see how much Barrett has learned and internalized about the country, the people and the culture.  We are a small team, but I believe you will hear very different things as our week progresses and we each share with you. 
   For now, I will say goodnight as it is 12:31 am here.  Thank you again for your prayers.  Keep them coming!  We are excited to see how God will work in us and through us this week.


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