Sunday, February 12, 2012


Anna Marie Fumasi
I went to Oregon State University and graduated with a degree in Veterinary Medicine.  In September 2010 my husband Jason and I moved with our 2 dogs, 2 cats and leopard geckos from Corvallis, Oregon for my first job as a Veterinarian. I began my job in a small animal practice in Puyallup. The Sunday after our move we started "church hunting" and quickly decided on High Pointe church. We enjoyed the similarities to the church we had attended in Corvallis.
Shortly after we began attending High Pointe church they began talking about the Guatemala mission trip. This sparked both Jason and my interests in mission.  At our previous church in Corvallis they had laid a strong foundation that we are called to go and make disciples of ALL NATIONS. God was really tugging on our hearts to GO but we just needed to decide when (February or July) and if we should both go at the same time. With much prayer and consideration we decided February and that we should both go. We figured God had a plan for both of us to go and serve and we should not worry about the logistics of the trip. God has richly blessed us in many areas of our lives.
Prayers for the mission trip for me personally is to have my eyes opens to God's opportunities for me to serve. Also to see the hearts of the people within the community. Prayer that I might be a blessing to the people just as others have been a blessing to me. 


  1. Anna, I am so excited for you and Jason, and can't wait to hear (read) about your experiences. My husband and I went on our first mission trip together too, and it's an unbelievable blessing.

  2. I know that you and Jason will be a great blessing to whoever God puts in front of you. Patrick and I are examples of lives that have been enriched by your friendship. We wish you all the best on your trip and look forward to hearing about it when we see you in March.