Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 2 onsite. Awesome day

Ok, I may be saying something that has been said several times before. “BEST DAY EVER!!!!”.
Anna is still the reigning champ at slug dog (slug bug played with stray dogs instead of VW bugs) although she is getting stiff competition from Paula. YA Jason and I still suck at it. HAHA.
We arrived at the site a few minutes late today to find Cruz and Jose waiting for us with smiles and laughing. We have already bonded well with them again. And the pranks are constant with  laughter filling the air all day.
Anna and Jason took their turn at sifting sand today while Paula and I tag teamed on 2 monster batches of mortar for the walls.
Brother Tomas came to work with us all day and we had many small conversations ranging from his prayers for us and our missions future as well as his daughters progress in school, to where he has been working.
Please pray for Cruz, Paula and I had a conversation over the past two days with him. He lives just up the trail from Moises whom we built a home for in February of 2010. Moises was Catholic, but has not gone to church for many years. We continue to visit and pray with him and his family every July and February when we are here. Cruz has been talking to him about Jesus and inviting him to come to church with them. Paula gave Cruz a bible to give to Moises. Pray the Holy Spirit works through the word of God and Cruz’s faithful evangelizing. It will be a day of rejoicing in heaven when this lost sheep rejoins the flock.
Paula and I played with Esteban all day while working. He was our fun little apprentice. He has the best laugh.  Paula also sat down near the end of the day and read him a book. Of which he was very happy to sit and listen to.

Vilma, the eldest daughter stayed home while Mom went to market. She worked diligently on her loom and laughed secretly to herself about her little brother and his games with us. We are bonding famously with this family and of course our relationship with Cruz and his son, Jose is growing closer and stronger.
We all thought it was very trusting of Cruz and Brother Tomas to leave all of us there by ourselves to work on the house without supervision.

All in all the glory was God’s today and it was good

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