Friday, February 17, 2012

packed and repacked full of laughter and love

Here we are.
 It’s 10pm and the clock has slowed down. What is there to do, but pray and wait? A friend of mine from Church, Jolleen Patton hit my Fb page with a music video. I have watched it 7x now.  At this moment it has started to sink in. Ya, What am I doing going to Guatemala again. Simple answer: serving my Lord with gratitude for what he did for me.
The packing party is done. We packed, unpack, packed again, and changed scales, unpacked and repacked bags all night. Matter of fact, I don’t think you could have called it a packing party. More like a laughing party.  I think all of us woke up this morning with sore stomachs from the amount of laughing we did. But it got done.
 Wendy Finney and Jenn Matthews came and joined in the laughter. It was a good night with good prayer and stuffed bags full of pencils, crayons, a 2lbs bag of erasers, colored pencils, pens, and glue.  We all came to the conclusion that I couldn’t tell you if a bag of trail mixed weighed 4lbs even if it was printed on the front of it. Thus more laughing and more side splitting.
Seems like I have done this a few times, I don’t know. It always feels different, but the same each time.
We leave tomorrow morning.  A big step into the arms of Jesus. We don’t know what waits for us, but we go in faith.
I want to thank all of you who are praying for us.  Jesus showed us how to pray. The bible shows us what can happen when we pray. Great things for God happen.  Lives change and mountains move.

Yep, the clock has stopped and 6am is coming fast. Next stop “The launch pad”, the Darr house. Captain Corey is flying us to SeaTac to catch our plane.
I can’t wait. Ya, I’m doing it again, Wouldn’t you?

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  1. I am enjoying the peace and quiet. Contemplating what is to come. I can't wait for this journey to begin again as well. To see what God has in store for our team and for the people we will come in to contact with. The packing party was indeed an adventure in and of itself. It has been a long time since I have laughed that hard. True rolling on the floor laughter. Looking forward to sharing many more adventures and memories with my brothers and sisters in Christ. As Barrett said, 6 am will be coming very soon. So I will say goodnight. I believe I have one more bag to 'pack, unpack and pack again'.......