Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greater Things Have Yet to Come

Hola, from Santiago-Atitlan, Guatemala! Today started out great with a devotional reading of Isaiah 26:1-4 and praying for the greater things that are yet to come as we are preparing our hearts to work in Cerro de Oro tomorrow morning. After breakfast the six of us (including Gloria & Joshue) we went out into the city to purchase some staple food items for our family at the Wal-Mart in Guatemala City (Yes it is really Wal-Mart). They were very helpful even after Paula ran into a cosmetic rack with her shopping cart! We then proceeded with our heavily loaded van west on Pan-Am Hwy to the Highlands. Since reading in the van would have made 2 of 6 of us car sick we decided to play a game. "Slug-Dog" quickly became "Slug- Any random farm animal you see". Note to Self- do not play this game with a Veterinarian in the Van (my wife). She can spot a dog a half-mile down the road.
So we successfully made it to Santiago-Atitlan unscathed! All of us are super excited about getting to work tomorrow in Cerro de Oro: Home of the Sleeping Elephant. Please pray for Unity and Open Hearts! To Be Continued.....(loosing internet connection)

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