Monday, February 20, 2012

Guatemalan coffee, brick, belts, and small helpers

Cruz, Jason, Jose, Paula, Anna, Barrett
We started out the day right with a devotional and cups of Guatemalan coffee.  We then packed up our bags and headed out to Cerro de Oro for our first day of construction. We met Pastor Diego who showed us where in the village the family lived. We wound around several homes and finally arrived at our destination.  Cruz and Jose (skilled construction workers) had already made a significant amount of progress on the home. We quickly got to work laying bricks after a brief demonstration and explanation from Cruz. I quickly learned that I am not good at laying bricks in a straight line. Cruz was an excellent quality control and would come help show me how to readjust the bricks appropriately to make a good row.
Gregoria and Vilma working on back strap loom making belts

While we were working Gregoria (mother) and Vilma (oldest daughter) started working they finished doing the laundry. Then Vilma got to work on the back strap loom making belts.  Vilma was weaving colorful belts that the women traditionally wear around their skirts. The belts are sold for about 30Q ($3.50) and it takes her about 2 days to complete 4 of them on a single loom.

After lunch the younger children were home from school and quickly joined us at the construction site. They were playing in the sand Gloria and Barrett had sifted through in the morning. Three of the boys help Paula put sand in the bucket to mix concrete. We went back to work laying brick and Paula mixed another mean batch of cement. I attempted to lay brick straight but Cruz had to come along and fix the work.  Just ask Jason and Paula if I offer to help build your wall politely decline because you may be fixing my work.

Jason and Estiban
Paula and I worked on one room together where we had precariously stacked bricks to stand on to help build the wall. Gloria and Barrett cleared out dirt to level the ground while Jason built the wall. We quickly realized that Jason had a nice sturdy bench to stand on and build the wall. Jason quickly got a small helper named Estiban (Gregoria’s Son) who decided to climb on the “scaffolding” around  and help. The help quickly turned into playing in the water and flinging it at everyone. We finished up our rows and then headed out for the day. We finished the day the same way we started the day with devotional, worship, and cups of coffee.

Please pray for opportunities for us to show Christ’s love to these children and being able to show the gospel to the people in the village. Thank you for all your support and prayers for our team. 
Gloria after helping Barrett with sifting sand 
Jose and Jason working on the bricks trying to get them just perfect. 

Me working on some bricks to try to get them straight. 

Jason and his little helper working on the wall.

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  1. Thanks for all the great posts, photos, and keeping us updated! Your High Pointe family is praying for you all.