Sunday, February 12, 2012


I am so excited to be heading back to Guatemala for my 5th trip.  I have fallen in love with a country and its people that I used to be afraid of.  You see that is what can happen when you listen to God and let him work in your heart and life. 
My name is Paula Darr.  I am a wife, mother, Para educator and ministry lead for LUKE 14.   I have been married for 15 yrs to Corey, have 2 kids, Austin 14, and Cassady, 12.  We also have 2 dogs, Tater and Chester. 
My first trip was to the orphanage in 2006.  Although I felt the call from God to ‘go’ I was not sure I could do it.  I had a list of fears that was longer than the list of good things (even if they were what he wanted me to do).  Some of which included the language barrier, the conditions, raising the money to go and well, flying.  And to be honest, I almost didn’t.  You will have to ask me later about my thoughts on traveling by bus from here to Guatemala instead of flying.  I seriously think we should consider it! J
But God knows our hearts, our minds and our souls so much better than we do!  He took care of all the details and I was blessed beyond words.  You may think you are going to help them, but don’t be so fooled or prideful.  It works both ways.  Your heart will be forever changed and the people will help you in ways you could never imagine.  Because God works through people.
I went back twice in 2007, once in Feb and once in Aug on personal trips to visit a young boy I fell in love with in the orphanage.  I then returned again in July 2009 for the team trip to build houses and go to the school.  You think you know what to expect when you have already been on a trip, but every trip is different and every time God has something to show you, teach you, bless you with.
Why am I going again?  Because as you will hear from so many who have been, when you leave, you leave a piece of your heart there.  And for me, every time I have gone a bigger part of my heart is left.  The people are never far from my mind, my prayers and they are always on my heart.  They are family.  And I am going because I need to visit my family.

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