Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 Roof & Floors!

Hola from Santiago-Atitlan. This is "Yason". Today all of us woke up a little cranky due to some unruly roosters that could not tell night from day. We quickly decided that it would be appropriate for all of us to pray for a peaceful and uplifting rest of the day. And just so all of you know, Anna is ok and her eyebrow has almost already healed over. She was not affected in her spotting of the dogs on this mornings drive to Cerro de Oro unfortunately.
Barrett is now sifting with Anna. Jason got fired!

  God did not disappoint as he answered our prayer this morning! Cruz and Jose had already placed the tin roof and were ready for us to start mixing some concrete for the floors! Yes today was a little hotter than the past few but we accomplished much and had some "spare" time to play with wooden blocks and read a couple of books with the little boys in the neighborhood. In fact, one boy, Leonardo, read the book "Harry el Perrito Sucio" to me in Spanish! Leonardo also signed his name in my journal after he was wondering what I was doing. It is very encouraging to see these young boys (about 5 years to 10 years) show me what they have been learning in school. I cannot wait to visit all the houses from previous trips and the schools this weekend!

  Tonight we invited Brother Tomas and his wife Elena and family to dinner to ask about the mission plant in Cerro de Oro. He revealed some very exciting news to us! Gregoria and her family (our house build) have all accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and are to be baptized together this following Sunday March 4th! We are so sad that we will not be here, yet so excited for them and look forward to all the blessings for their family. AMEN!

  Today we ask for you to please be in prayer for ALL the good work being and to be done down in Santiago at El Buen Pastor and Mission Bautista in Cerro de Oro. Please pray for Brother Tomas as he tries to balance work in construction as a builder with his ministry in the church mission. Pray for his wife Elena as she joins other women in a ministry geared towards younger women in San Lucas. Pray for continued health for our group and encouragement as we go visit and pray with families of previous trips and as we bless Gregoria's home this weekend. Pray for all the school children that will receive supplies that their parents could not afford otherwise. 

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  1. All for God's glory your hard work has won souls. I am sitting here crying for joy.