Sunday, February 12, 2012


Jason Ron Fumasi
Eagle Point, OR. Currently Living in Graham, WA.
Marital Status:
Married to Anna Marie Fumasi on April 22nd 2006!
2 dogs- Stitch (Pug), Amethyst (Flatcoat Retriever)
2 cats – Isabella & Stewie
3 Leopard Gekos
& the occasional foster dog
Member of High Pointe since: 2011
Work Experience:
The Green Industry – Landscape, Gardening, Farming, Greenhouse & Nursery
Came to Christ:
January 2001 at a retreat in Sunriver, OR! Baptized in a Hot Tub!
What Events Led you to this Mission Trip?
All Christians are called into some form of Ministry whether we know it or not. Without having to write a book about my life events, I will just keep it short.
After taking a spiritual giftings class and learning that the Holy Spirit has blessed me with specific skills for HIS glory, He has used these skills actively and intentionally by participating in Acts of Service, Outreach and Evangelism. 
I feel called to minister to the lonely, downtrodden and less fortunate. I feel called to “Feed the Hungry” and teach everyone about “The Good Soil”. I hold on to the Truth that “All Scripture is God Breathed and Useful…” and look to share this Truth at every opportunity.
My wife and I have been participating in local Outreach and still do with the understanding that “we have been blessed to be a blessing to others”. Using our knowledge of the Word, a servant heart and our Earthly giftings in Horticulture and Veterinary Medicine we feel that God has equipped us to now “Go, and make disciples of all Nations..” and POINT them towards Jesus!
Open Doors
INtentionally tell the Good News
Travel with those still searching
Prayer Requests:

That I may Bring Glory to HIM who sent me!

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